Our Farm

Our boars and Show Pigs are produced entirely through artificial insemination. This allows us to breed our sows with semen from stud farms that own elite herd boars worth tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to having quality pedigrees, our breeding stock is attractively priced: we sell boars for $400 and open gilts for $60 over the current butcher price.

For a number of years, we had Show Pig sales on our farm. But because of busy schedules for 4H and FFA families most people prefer to come buy Show Pigs when it is convenient for them.

We’ve sold thousands of boars and gilts to buyers from all over the nation, and are proud to say that our customers have great success with our breeding stock. We still raise purebred Durocs and Yorkshire, but we also use Hampshire semen to cross with our purebred sows.

Our Story


In 1972, Karen and I were called to pastor a church in rural Custer County, Nebraska. We were city kids; we knew nothing about farming. But we moved onto an abandoned farmstead, and quickly fell in love with the area and its people. Soon, we found ourselves making improvements to the farm, and we began raising hogs, an operation which has grown considerably in the past forty-five years. By the late ’70s, we were selling purebred Duroc and Yorkshire boars, both privately and in a salebarn constructed on the farm for that purpose. We also raised four kids–Joe, Josh, Susan, and Jonathan, who were involved in showing award-winning pigs at the Custer County Fair.

For the past 10 years, our son Jonathan and his wife Anna, have been an integral part of our purebred breeding program and Show Pig operation. Their 4 children, Avery, Aleah, Jameson, and Jude help make chores fun for Grandpa and Grandma!