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175 Show Pigs

Sired by Black Exotic Semen

As you can see from the pictures, the entire family is involved in the farrowing and raising of our 2021 Show Pigs. We have worked hard to make this a great set of pigs and we are excited for you to see them!!

Our family deeply appreciates the relationships we are building with our customers. It’s a lot of fun for us, when Mom’s and Dad’s (or grandpa’s and grandma’s) come with their kids, and make their decisions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many of you have expressed satisfaction at being able to come at your convenience, and you have also told us you appreciate our willingness to keep your pigs for a few days while you get your pens ready. We want the process of selecting 4-H pigs to be as “Kid Friendly” as possible.

Included are pictures of some of the litters. The boars that are used to sire these Show Pigs are absolutely the very best available. We spend thousands of dollars each year on semen to make sure these Show Pigs will continue our winning tradition.

There is more information available about our January farrowed pigs on our web page and on Facebook (Harder Show Pigs).

Sometime around the 1st of March, give us a call and come take a look at these 175 pigs.
We will have them penned like always, into 4 different groups, priced at $125, $175, $225 and $275.

David and Karen 308-872-5611      Jonathan and Anna 308-870-1874

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Pictures of 2021 Show Pigs